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LFH Overview

Webinar Development for Organization Training

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LFH ConsultingBased on the unique LFH series we take our existing  presentations and workshops and create organizaton (corporate) training webinars for clients. The topic list is broad and covers both Project Management, Management, and Operations Management. For example:

  • We take a topic and then use LFH case studies to enhance it to maximize the webinar attendance and the learning experience.
  • We also take an existing webinar and customize it to your industry and line of business.
  • We follow a process and develop content that we review with you through several iterations.
  • We deliver the webinar interactively to your employees.
  • We will address your learning and development goals on a schedule that works for you.
  • We collect feedback and adjust future webinars.
  • We provide a full training program (12 webinars in 12 months), individual sessions, lunch and learn programs, conference breakout sessions.

In our experience 40 to 60–minute webinars are a fast, cost–effective, and convenient way for your team to get up to speed on the latest developments in a topic.



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"The only way to do great work is to love what you do." -Steve Jobs LFH: http://t.co/XpdptwW2oN
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